Welcome to Mountain Hotel

Come alone or bring your family with you, stay here for a night or for weeks, stay here while on business trip or at some kind of conference – either way our hotel is the best possible variant.
The backdrop of our hotel is the beautiful Mount Cameroon standing at 4070m above sea level. Buea hosts an annual Mount Cameroon race which reaches the summit.

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Services during your stay

In addition to housing we also offer additional services such as swimming pool with bar and barbecue area, sports, leisure and cultural activities, organised excursions and much more.


Opens 7am – 11pm, offers African and international dishes. Modern interior decor. Capacity 300 seats. Can be used as a Banquet Hall 150 seats.


Mountain and sea view, veranda, hot and cold water, shower, jacuzzi, flat screen tv, intercom, internet, kitchen, fireplace, furnished parlor. Available in Deluxe(12), Executive(08), VIP(10) styles.

Main Building Rooms

Mountain and sea view, balconies, hot and cold water, shower, jacuzzi, flat screen tv. Intercom, internet, mini bar in Executive, VIP, and Junior suites. Available in Single(04), Deluxe Double(15), Executive(15), VIP(02), Junior Suite(01) styles.

Conference Room

Capacity 300 seats. Translation and interpretation boot. WiFi, overhead projector, secretariat, coffee room and restrooms.

Swimming Pool

There is an outdoor swimming pool with a bar and barbecue area which is perfect for hanging out and small social events

Wi - Fi

Internet hotspots on hotel grounds accompanied by a cyber-cafe to keep you connected to business, research and pleasure at all times.

Exciting Events

Whatever you’re planning, we have great resources and teams of professionals. Our many and good facilities are ideal for almost everything. Contact Mountain Hotel to guarantee the success of your events.